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Important Facts to Know About Algarve and a BONUS!

Written on : 06 October 2020
By : Disha Pegu
Important Facts to Know About Algarve and a BONUS!

The land of wonderful beachesquaint villages, enchanting coves and exquisite cuisine, yes, we are talking about the Algarve, the southernmost part of Portugal. Portugal is by far one of the best destinations in Europe and the southern part of Portugal is even more glorious. With a pleasantly warm and moderate climate all year round, Algarve is one of the best and preferred destinations in Europe, especially during the winter if you want to spend a warm winter vacation! Algarve is also one of our favourite destinations in Villanovo. Algarve has something to offer for every taste. There is adventure sports for the more adventure-seekers, intriguing culture and history for the culturists, tempting gastronomy for all food lovers, amazing natural spaces if you like hiking or biking. The adventures in the Algarve never stop and there is always more to offer with every visit.   

Interesting and Fun Facts About Algarve

Interesting and Fun Facts About Algarve

Let's discover some of the fun facts about this beautiful land of sunshine.
  • Algarve is one of the least densely populated locations in Europe. 
  • Algarve has 125 miles of coastline. 
  • The sea in Algarve has water from the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • The national dish of Algarve is a cod dish called Bacalhau. 
  • The national drink is aguardiente. 
  • Algarve is home to the 7 Michelin Starred restaurants out of the 16 in Portugal.  
  • Algarve has 85 blue flag beaches which indicates a high level of environmental and quality standard.  
  • There is 300 days of sun during a year. 
  • 32% of the population speak English in Algarve. 
  • Algarve hosts annual golf festival every year which brings gold lovers from all over the world to Algarve.  
  • Home to several historical monuments like the Silves Castle, Algarve houses many more fascinating monuments worth exploring.  
  • There is peculiar landmark point from the ancient times like the Sagres, which was believed to be the endpoint of the earth.  
  • Algarve is one of the largest producers of cork in the world. 
  • Faro, the capital of Algarve is an ancient city which combines Moorish and European architectures and cultures. 
  • The Ponta da Piedade, in Lagos, are a group of massive rock formations along the beach, giving an astonishing picture of steep cliffs and coves. 
  • Algarve’s traditional dance form called Corridinho. 

Bonus! Amusing Facts About Portugal!

Bonus! Amusing Facts About Portugal!

Speaking of Portugal, which is a breathtaking place, let's take a look at the peculiarities of this country which is home to special places like Algarve.   

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  • Portugal is the oldest country in Europe. 
  • Portuguese is the official language of 9 countries with over 234 million people for whom Portuguese is a native language. 
  • In 1755, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, was destroyed by a deadly earthquake which was followed by a tsunami.  
  • Lisbon is also home to the oldest bookstore in the world! Since 1732, Bertrand Chiado on Rua Garrett is the oldest bookstore in the world which is still in business. 
  • Tempura, which is the Japanese way of deep-frying vegetables is originally brought to Japan by the Portuguese. 
  • In accordance with the above fact, the Portuguese were the first in Europe to come in contact with the Japanese.  
  • Pastéis de nata, which are the emblematic desserts from Portugal, dates to the 13Th century which were first created by the monks of Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon. 
  • Portugal has its own music called Fado. 
  • Portugal is the birthplace of the earliest explorers of the world including Vasco Da Gama who discovered the sea-route to India. 
  • Lisbon is older than Rome.
  • Crown Prince Luís Filipe was King of Portugal for a total of 20 minutes after the assassination of his father Carlos I on February 1, 1908.
  • Port wine which comes from Porto in Portugal is the largest export good from Portugal all over the world.

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