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Unique activities to do in the Algarve

Written on : 09 December 2020
By : Chloé Girod

Portugal is a popular destination at any time of the year. You can enjoy a mild climate, cities with a rich cultural past and incredible gastronomy. Let's discover together the unusual and unique activities you can do during your stay in southern Portugal, in the beautiful Algarve region. 

Visit the caves

Visit the caves

The entire Algarve coast is incredibly beautiful and has been eroded over the years, creating breathtaking sea caves. Some of them are accessible from the sea, such as the Benagil Cave, Zorreira Cave or the Captain's Cave. If you go to the Lagos side, you can go on an excursion to the Elefante. 
The Benagil cave is undoubtedly one of the most famous and beautiful. Although it is not very far from the village beach, it is not advisable to swim there as there are strong currents to get there. It is therefore preferable to go there by boat, kayak or stand-up paddle to make the most of the experience.
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Doing wine tastings

Wine from Portugal is gaining increasing recognition, particularly thanks to its many awards around the world. Port is the most famous wine, coming from the region of the same name in the north of Portugal. Nevertheless, there are many very good wines in the Algarve as well! So don't hesitate to discover them through a wine tasting tour, you will also have the opportunity to explore the fantastic landscapes of the Algarve, with its beaches and historical monuments.
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Visit the Capela do Ossos

Visit the Capela do Ossos

 If you are looking for an unusual visit, visit the Capela do Ossos in Evora. These are Franciscan monks, who in the 17th century found the solution to the overflowing cemeteries. The walls and columns are lined with bones and skulls belonging to no less than 5000 people. The way they have been laid offers a whole of terrifying beauty. The ceilings are made of brick with paintings on the theme of death. Even if this visit is not for sensitive souls, this chapel represents the way people at that time looked at these beliefs. 
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Stroll along the steep cliffs

Stroll along the steep cliffs

The Algarve has many steep and beautiful coastlines. So you can take a walk on the cliff sides or choose to visit the many beaches with incredible scenery on the mountainsides. Some of the best walks are around Lagos, towards Camilo beach, or around Portimao. You can also explore the beaches of Tres Irmaos, whose unique feature is its double arch, or the Praia de Falesia, at the foot of the colourful cliffs. 
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Bathing in the fresh water of Pego do Inferno

This secret waterfall hidden in the Asseca valley in the Algarve is becoming increasingly popular as it is one of the only waterfalls in the region. The Pego do Inferno, meaning the abyss of hell, is located in Tavira. It is a series of three waterfalls that flow into an emerald lagoon. Access to this small waterfall is quite difficult, mainly due to the lack of road signs. After having parked, it is enough to take a steep path for about 300 to 400m to get there. This path does not discourage the many tourists, so think of going to this magical place at the beginning of the day to enjoy the place to the maximum. 
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