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Villas for photo shoots in Algarve

Villas for photo shoots in the Algarve

Between its wild coves and splendid natural landscapes, the Algarve is the perfect setting for a photo shoot or a film shoot. We have selected villas that will enhance your photo shoots. Located in splendid surroundings, these villas are very rare and have beautiful exteriors as well as very bright interiors to make your photos and films as successful as possible. Don't wait any longer and book your villa for a photoshoot in the Algarve! 



  1. Albufeira

Number of rooms

  1. 6+

Equipment and Services

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Tennis
  3. House staff
  4. Beach in Ten
  5. Fitness room
  6. Garden
  7. Chef or Cook


  1. Catered villas
  2. Fully staffed villas
  3. Heated pool villas
  4. Tennis villas
  5. Villas for photo shoots
  6. Villas near the sea
  7. Villas with a garden
  8. Villas with a view of the ocean
  9. Villas with swimming pool
  10. Waterfront villas

Types of property

  1. Luxury villas
1 Villa Villas
1 680 € - 6 722 €per night
10 (12 max.) 6 7

Algarve - Albufeira
1680 6

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The Algarve, an idyllic destination for a shooting 

The Algarve has breathtaking natural landscapes that will undoubtedly make your photos and films incredible. The region’s natural diversity is astounding. Visitors can seamlessly pass through different environments. From the coastal areas to the Algarve Mountains, the backdrop of your photos and films will have you believing you’re in paradise. 

A wide choice of villas for photo shoots in the Algarve

Inland or near the coast, with a heated pool or with direct access to the beach, our villas in the Algarve are diverse and varied to meet all your expectations. So, if you want to organize a photo shoot, the Villanovo team will do everything possible to find the villa of your dreams. Spacious and comfortable, these villas are equipped with top-of-the-range furniture, decorated in a minimalist or traditional style to satisfy all tastes and demands.